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SD County Emergency Information


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Emergency Alert System radio stations for San Diego County:

 Primary – KOGO AM 600.  Secondary –  KLSD AM 1360.

 2-1-1 is the Disaster Information Line for San Diego County.  It is also a free, 24-hour community, health, and disaster number.  During an actual disaster, this is the number to call for up-to-the-minute information on road closures, evacuations, shelters and recovery resources.

*If you are can not reach 2-1-1 from your cellular telephone, or you are calling from outside San Diego County, please use (858) 300-1211.

211 is also an on-line search engine to find available services with more than 2,000 community agencies providing 5,000 health and human service programs.

Use the telephone only for an emergency

Only call 911 for a life threatening emergency

 You can get roadside help without leaving your car or using a fixed call box on the freeway.  Pull over to a safe spot and dial 5-1-1 on your cellular telelphone.  Say “roadside assistance”.  The system will direct your call to the Call Box Answer Center, which transfers the call as necessary to the California Highway Patrol, AAA, Manufacturer Help Line or other sources of assistance.


4 Responses to “SD County Emergency Information”

  1. Stephen said

    i think you are the best prepared woman in the world.

  2. I enjoyed reading your sight. Thank you for all you do to help people become prepared. We make high quality solar powered cooking ovens which are used in the US and developing counties around the world. In 2009 46% of the ovens we sold were sold the state of Utah and we estimate that as much as 70% of our worldwide production goes to members of the LDS church. We are seeking ways to make more people aware of how the sun can be harnessed to decrease the amount of fuel they must store for emergency preparedness.

    The following link is to an article which appeared in Mormon Times recently:

    Please consider writing about using the sun as an preparedness tool. We would be happy to provide additional information.

    • I am all for solar cooking. I am currently working on a post about making your own solar box for cooking and water pasteurization. I’ve made the Miminum Solar Box Cooker and it works.

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