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Treating Cuts on Your Dog or Cat

Posted by Elise on January 31, 2013

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Sooner or later, just about every dog or cat gets a wicked-looking cut—or, more often, a bite from another dog or cat. In many cases, you can tend the wound yourself, but if the bleeding doesn’t slow or stop within 10 minutes, see your veterinarian right away.


Dogs and cats may bite humans when they’re frightened or in pain. If you can’t restrain your pet while doing first aid—this generally requires having a helper so that you have two sets of hands—let your veterinarian handle it.

For dogs, use a muzzle. You can fashion one at home by wrapping a strip of gauze around the dog’s snout and tying it behind the ears. You can try this with cats, but it’s less likely to stay in place because of their shorter snouts—and because they’ll do their best to paw it off.

Restraining a cat may even be a three-person job. One person grips the loose skin on the back of the neck, another grips the hind legs and spreads the cat out lengthwise and the third person administers treatment. Unless you have an unusually docile cat, it’s probably safer to let your vet do the work.

FIRST-AID BASICS Read the rest of this entry »


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Dog Head Entrapment (Fence/Rails)

Posted by Elise on November 5, 2009

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Dogs can get their heads stuck easily because the back of their head is wider than the front. Head entrapment is usually not a medical emergency unless your pet has trouble breathing. However your dog can become frantic and hysterical from being stuck and injure themselves further.






  1. Calm your dog down to prevent him from struggling further
  2. Place yourself behind the dog and push him closer to the object that he’s trapped in to avoid him backing up further and strangling himself
  3. You may want to muzzle him to prevent him from biting you while you try to free him
  4. Grease the fur on his neck and the top of his head with KY Jelly or Petroleum Jelly
  5. While someone holds his from the back you should gently take the dogs muzzle and turn his head sideways and slide him through the fence or rails


Make sure that you muzzle your dog as he may try to bite you when you have to push him through the fence or rails


It helps if someone stays behind him the entire time to prevent him from backing up while you try to free him

A dog’s head is narrower from top to bottom than side to side


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Cat Paw Cuts

Posted by Elise on November 5, 2009

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Cats may occasionally get laceration injuries to their paw pads from gravel, glass, wire, tree limbs & foreign bodies. It is important to seek veterinary care to prevent furtherdamage.


  • Licking at Paw
  • Wound
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Pink Flesh
  • Bleeding
  • Discomfort
  • Laceration


  1. Muzzle your pet because they might bite you if they are in pain
  2.  Put a gauze pad against the wound and slip a cotton sock over the foot
  3.  Tape a plastic bag over the sock
  4.  Once the bleeding has stopped use blunt scissors to trim the fur around the wound
  5.  Wash the cut with mild soap and water then pat dry with a clean, soft cloth
  6.  Apply Neosporin or Bactine to help prevent infection
  7.  Watch for swelling, fever, or discharge which would indicate an infection
  8.  If bleeding continues or the cut appears deep call your veterinarian immediately
  9.  Provide direct pressure on the wound as you drive to the Vet’s office


If your cat goes outside make sure to cover the injury with a temporary bandage and then remove it within a couple hours

Never apply an ice pack directly to the wound


The paw has huge concentrations of blood vessels and they may bleed a lot

The wound heals better when left to open air


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Pets and Disasters

Posted by Elise on October 28, 2009

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Our pets enrich our lives in more ways than we can count. In turn, they depend on us for their safety and well-being. Here’s how you can be prepared to protect your pets when disaster strikes. Read the rest of this entry »

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