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Church Manners

Posted by Elise on October 25, 2013

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We at LDS Living were curious about etiquette within Mormon culture. With the help of our readers and Facebook friends, we’ve tackled a few situations that seem to come up on a regular basis.

Electronics at Church
Some members have embraced the new wave of smart phones and iPads, using these devices to store scriptures, manuals, and other LDS apps. (Many of our readers shared how these devices have blessed their lives, engaged their families more in the scriptures, or saved them from the arthritic pain of carrying heavy scriptures.) Others, including some bishops and stake presidents, insist that scriptures are not scriptures unless they are made of paper and bound in a book. So are electronics appropriate at church? Read the rest of this entry »


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Getting the Bugs Out of your Marriage

Posted by Elise on November 24, 2009

A list of known symptoms

and secret cures

from the Divorce Bug himself



I’m the Divorce Bug. I’m highly contagious and terribly overworked. It seems that no marriage is completely immune from me … so in an attempt to reduce my work load, I’ve developed this brochure on divorce. Contained herein are descriptions of my most potent viruses and divorce-fluenzas, which have successfully started thousands of unsuspecting married couples on the road to divorce. I’ve also included “top secret treatments” which have been developed by our “core prevention” research lab. Although the release of these findings is unprecedented. I believe the general public should be educated … if not for their own sake, then for my own sanity. So please study this information carefully and try some of the treatments. Then maybe my wife and I will be able to take the Caribbean cruise we’ve been planning for the past five years.
The Divorce Bug Read the rest of this entry »

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