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Lake Elsinore Emergency Planning Strategy

Posted by Elise on November 1, 2010

The City is doing its part to plan and prepare for disasters of all kinds

Our Emergency Planning Strategy

The City of Lake Elsinore is responsible for developing emergency plans and actions in response to actual or potential disasters which may impact our City. The City designs and conducts exercises for different scenarios and coordinates emergency training to ensure that the City is able to respond to Natural, Human Caused and Technological emergencies.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan outlines response strategies and tactics for a wide range of emergencies including: Read the rest of this entry »


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Lake Elsinore Emergency Risk Factors

Posted by Elise on October 20, 2010

CAL FIRE recently released a study showing wild land fire risk for urban communities surrounded by wild land and open space. Lake Elsinore’s risk is Very High for Read the rest of this entry »

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Lake Elsinore Shake Out Expo

Posted by Elise on October 1, 2010

A “fun”, free, public event for citizens in Lake Elsinore and surrounding communities. We will provide, through presentations and demonstrations, important knowledge of earthquake emergency preparedness. Our goal is to

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Lake Elsinore Earthquake Fault Zone

Posted by Elise on September 23, 2010

TYPE OF FAULTING: right-lateral strike-slip – ANIMATION

LENGTH: about 180 km (not including the Whittier, Chino, and Laguna Salada faults)

NEARBY COMMUNITIES: Temecula, Lake Elsinore, Julian

LAST MAJOR RUPTURE: Read the rest of this entry »

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San Marcos Equips Mobile Emergency Center

Posted by Elise on July 22, 2010

Vehicle Offers High-Tech Communications Gear

Firefighters and engineers are at work on San Marcos’ new mobile emergency command vehicle, a high-tech trailer that will allow the city Fire Department and surrounding agencies to set up a command post at the scene of any incident.

The vehicle, said Battalion Chief Dave Schloss, serves “as Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Elise on April 29, 2010

Breaking News

San Marcos Takes to the Airwaves

City Acquires AM Radio Station for Emergencies

By Scott McClintock

 Synopsis:  The City of San Marcos has acquired a transmitter and a license to operate AM radio station 1610.  The station will be deployed during wildfires and other emergencies to provide traffic, evacuation, and other important information specific to the San Marcos area.  The City intends to eventually operate the station on a full-time basis to provide traffic, road conditions and other community current events.

Martwork (

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San Marcos CERT and MetroNet

Posted by Elise on November 17, 2009

By Scott McClintock

Emergency Operations Coordinator

As Community Emergency Response Teams emerged into American cities in the very early 2000’s, the City of San Marcos was not inclined to take part.  SMFD was extremely busy expanding its staff and facilities to keep up with the surging population.  Additionally, the Department already maintained a corps of retired civilian volunteers, who assisted the Department with daily administrative duties as well as with logistics at fire command posts.

Then in the Spring of 2005, I was hired by the city as an emergency planner in an Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Elise on November 17, 2009

Mission:  do the greatest good for the greatest number!

Motto:  neighbors helping neighbors

If you think that you can dial 911 and get help immediately after a major disaster, go back to bed.  First responders can not fill all  the demands for needed services.  They will be restricted and overwhelmed.  Also, and it takes time for an organized response to be put in motion.  This can take up to three days.  Many people will be cut off from outside help and we will have to rely on each other.  Family members, co-workers, friends, and neighbors will want to help.   But, untrained and spontaneous help can face serious problems.  For example, after the Mexico City earthquake volunteers saved 800 people.  Unfortunately, 100 people died while trying to save others.  This could have been prevented if the volunteers were trained.  This is where CERT comes to the rescue!

If you are the “helper” kind who likes to be in the thick of things getting your hand dirty and can think on your feet, CERT is for you.  Find the free CERT training through your local fire department.  The program teaches emergency skills that will allow you to help yourself and others.  It is practical training that allow citizens to function effectively during a disaster, and to make a real difference.  I took the course in 2006 given by James Beebe of North County CERT.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much.  I recommend it highly.  You are not required to join a CERT team after the training.  This knowledge can help you, and those around you during an emergency.  You will be trained in the following: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Great California Shakeout

Posted by Elise on November 17, 2009

October 15, 2009, 10:15 a.m.

Over 6.9 million Californians participated in the largest earthquake drill ever.  In 2008 nearly 5.5 million participated.  We are high risk for earthquakes and the purpose of the drill was to practice how to protect yourself during an earthquake, as well as to practice other aspects of emergency preparedness.  We need practice to be able to react quickly in the event of an actual emergency.  This practice drill was done in homes, schools, and work places.  Let’s us all participate in 2010.

What To Do

“Triangle of Life”

theory is not supported

by any reputable emergency organization.



E-World Recyclers (Vista, CA 2008)

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