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How Hurricanes are Measured

Posted by Elise on October 23, 2015



Note:  When the wind speed doubles, there’s an eight fold increase in the wind’s power, making a Category 5 hurricane at least 8 times more powerful than a Category 1.


Category 1 (minimal) – 1988 Florence in Louisiana; 1988 Charley in North Carolina

Category 2 (moderate) – 1985 Kate in Florida; 1991 Bob in New York

Category 3 (extensive) – 1983 Alicia in Texas

Category 4 (extreme) – 1989 Hugo in North Carolina; 1992 Andrew in Florida

Category 5 (Catastrophic) – 1935 Labor Day Hurricane in Florida Keys; 1969 Camille in Mississippi


(The scale was formulated in 1969 by Herbert Saffir, a consulting engineer, and Dr. Bob Simpson, director of the National Hurricane Center.)


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