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Pick the Right Bandage

Posted by Elise on November 4, 2010


mckenna71 (

Despite the many types of bandages on the market now, all you need is traditional plastic strips in multiple sizes.

Basics of wound care: Wash the wound with soap and water… dry with a clean, dry cloth or air-dry… treat it with an antibiotic ointment… then protect it with a bandage.

Don’t buy bandages with antibiotics — they cost a lot and could contain medicine to which some people are allergic. Also, avoid bandages with painkillers — pain that continues after you treat a minor wound is a sign to see a doctor.

One worthwhile addition: Liquid bandages, such as New-Skin and Band-Aid Liquid Bandage, available at drugstores for about $7. These can be used where ordinary bandages cannot — for example, on fingertips. But do not use antibiotic ointment with liquid bandages — it will dissolve the adhesive.

Source: Richard O’Brien, MD, spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians and clinical instructor, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia.


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