LDS Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared, Not Scared!

Lake Elsinore Emergency Planning Strategy

Posted by Elise on November 1, 2010

The City is doing its part to plan and prepare for disasters of all kinds

Our Emergency Planning Strategy

The City of Lake Elsinore is responsible for developing emergency plans and actions in response to actual or potential disasters which may impact our City. The City designs and conducts exercises for different scenarios and coordinates emergency training to ensure that the City is able to respond to Natural, Human Caused and Technological emergencies.

The Emergency Preparedness Plan outlines response strategies and tactics for a wide range of emergencies including:

City Staff fulfills a wide variety of roles from the field response to emergency incidents within the City to operating the City Emergency Operation Center in supporting and recovering from major emergencies and disasters. All City Emergency Service activities are focused around the four primary phases of emergency management; Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Being Prepared is Every Citizen’s Responsibility

Your role in recovery following a disaster is as important as the job for first responders and rescuers. The Be Prepared page is your guide to making an emergency plan, packing an emergency kit, being informed and getting involved. In addition, now is the time to earthquake and fireproof your home by securing heavy items (such as a hot water heater) and clearing a defensible space on your property.

Lake Elsinore Citizen Corps

Organizing and coordinating volunteers for emergency preparedness and disaster response is an objective of the City’s emergency preparedness plan. To accomplish this, the City of Lake Elsinore has formed a Citizen Corps, under the guidance of the Citizen Corps Council. We encouraged interested citizens to get involved and be prepared to help themselves in the event of any type of emergency.

To get involved in Citizen Corps, please call or email the City’s Emergency Services Coordinator, Bill Payne at (951) 674-5170.

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