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Solar Cooking

Posted by Elise on May 25, 2010

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Solar cooking does not cost anything because you are using sunlight.  You can cook anything that you can cook on the stove, or in a conventional oven.  It is like slow or crock pot cooking.  It is great for emergency preparedness because you do not use electricity, propane, or fossil fuels.  Solar cooking works by converting sunlight into heat energy that is retained for cooking.  Plus you can pasteurize water for drinking.  (Pasteurization kills all harmful water-borne pathogens: bacteria, viruses, cysts, and spores.  It does not eliminate chemical toxins or non-biological impurities.)

You can buy a solar oven.   If this is not possible, make your own from inexpensive materials.  First pick a design that meets your needs.  There are three basic types:  Heat-Trap Box cookers, curved concentrator cookers (parabolic) and panel cookers.

For solar cooking information, instructions on making a solar cooker, or for recipes visit the following:



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