LDS Emergency Preparedness

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Guidelines for Ward and Stake Emergency Plans

Posted by Elise on November 12, 2009

Wards and stakes should have a plan in the event of an emergency.  Plans are prepared by ward and stake welfare committees under the direction of the bishop or stake president.  Plans should be updated periodically.  The following should be included:

  • Disasters likely to occur and response actions needed.
  • Assignment of responsibilities to priesthood and Relief Society.
  • Maps, addresses, and contact information of members.
  • Procedure to account for missionaries and members following a disaster.
  • A list of members with special needs.
  • Procedures to assist members who may experience emotional trauma.
  • A list of members with available resources such as medical training or the ability to operate heavy equipment.
  • How stake leaders will contact the area office (outside the United States and Canada) or Church headquarters (United States and Canada) following a disaster.
  • Contact information for the local government, the Red Cross, and other emergency response agencies.
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