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The Six Steps of Handwashing

Posted by Elise on October 25, 2009

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The Scrub Club is an animated website to teach children the importance of hand washing.  These are their six steps to proper hand washing.  Each step is represented by a hero. 

Step 1: Wash with warm water. “Hot Shot” and “Chill” turn into hot and cold faucets and then combine to make the warm water essential for proper hand washing.

Step 2: Apply soap — bar or pump are both fine. “Squeaks” can transform into various forms of soap, from bars of all sizes to pumps of all kinds.

Step 3: Wash for a full 20 seconds, rubbing hands together to lather soap. “Taki” becomes a clock that counts down the required 20 seconds for thorough hand washing.

Step 4: Clean around your fingernails, using a nail brush if you have one. “Scruff” reminds kids that hands aren’t clean until the nails are clean.

Step 5: Rinse away soap with warm water. “Tank” turns into a sink and serves as a reminder to rinse away germs.

Step 6: Dry with paper towels or warm air dryer. “P.T.” transforms herself into paper towels.

The site also has games, songs, and a cast of villians that make the site a fun place to visit.


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