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Where Do I Look?

Posted by Elise on October 12, 2009

OBJECTIVE: To obtain information about— RECORD TYPES: Look in the Family History Library Catalog, Locality section for these record types:
First look for: Then look for:
Age Census, Vital Records*, Cemeteries Military Records, Taxation, Obituaries
Birth date Vital Records*, Church Records, Bible Records Cemeteries, Obituaries, Census, Newspapers, Military Records
Birthplace Vital Records*, Church Records, Census Newspapers, Obituaries, Military Records
City or parish of foreign birth Church Records, Genealogy, Biography, Obituaries, Naturalization and Citizenship Emigration and Immigration, Vital Records*, History
Country of foreign birth Census, Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship, Vital Records* Military Records, Church Records, Newspapers, Obituaries
County origins and boundaries History, Maps Gazetteers
Death Vital Records, Cemeteries, Probate Records, Church Records, Obituaries Newspapers, Military Records, Court Records, Land and Property
Divorce Court Records, Divorce Records Newspapers, Vital Records*
Ethnicity Minorities, Native Races, Societies Church Records, Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship
Historical background History, Periodicals, Genealogy Church History, Minorities
Immigration or emigration date Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship, Genealogy Census, Biography, Newspapers, Church Records
Maiden name Vital Records*, Church Records, Newspapers, Bible Records Military Records, Cemeteries, Probate Records, Obituaries
Marriage Vital Records*, Church Records, Census, Newspapers, Bible Records Biography, Genealogy, Military Records, Probate Records, Land and Property, Nobility
Occupation Census, Directories, Emigration and Immigration, Civil Registration, Occupations, Probate Records Newspapers, Court Records, Obituaries, Officials and Employees
Parents, children, and other family members Vital Records*, Church Records, Census, Probate Records, Obituaries Bible Records, Newspapers, Emigration and Immigration, Land and Property
Physical description Military Records, Biography, Court Records Naturalization and Citizenship, Civil Registration, Church Records, Emigration and Immigration, Genealogy, Newspapers
Place-finding aids Gazetteers, Maps Directories, History, Periodicals, Land and Property, Taxation
Place (town) of residence when you know only the state Census, Genealogy, Military Records, Vital Records*, Church Records, Directories Biography, Probate Records, History, Land and Property, Taxation
Places family has lived Census, Land and Property, History Military Records, Taxation, Obituaries
Previous research (compiled genealogy) Genealogy, Periodicals, History Biography, Societies, Nobility
Record-finding aids Archives and Libraries, Societies, Genealogy Periodicals
Religion Church Records, History, Biography, Civil Registration Bible Records, Cemeteries, Obituaries, Genealogy

*Outside the United States and Canada, see “Civil Registration” instead of “Vital Records.”

Note: Also search the Family History Library Catalog, Subject section for key topics in your objective.

Paper publication: 3rd edition, 1994. English approval: 4/93.

(Source:  FamilySearch™ )


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